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Jon Miller

Business Ethics—Mid-term 2 Review Whistleblowers October 23rd, 2013 Sissela Bok and Ronald Duskin Elia Kazan: • infamous snitch from the McCarthy era • his film "on the waterfront" dealt with how the snitching was ok and can be justified for the greater good To be a snitch is to violate the virtue of loyalty In business: • sign confidentiality agreements • your word (promise)—trust Privacy = freedom Orwellian—Big brother In business, whistle blowing normally about product safety • Toyota—sticky gas pedals • Alaska airlines—safety inspection and maintenance issues Sissela Bok (against whistle blowing—you owe debt of loyalty to your company): She has 3 things that lead to ok whistle blowing: 1. Degree of wrong doing—Balance vs. personal consequences 2. level to the breach of loyalty 3. How close to the information are you a. have to be in direct contact and not from office gossip b. Must be absolutely sure of info Ronald Duskin: • You have no loyalty to a company • you work for money—you don't owe loyalty to a machine For Duskin: 1. There must be a clear harm to society 2. must be close to the information 3. must have a reasonable chance of success 4. Must be the last resort—try to solve in house first Wikileaks—allows to snitch anonymously: • Moral virtues—loyalty—courage Looking at the overall consequences from utilitarian view, leads to whistle blowing Advertising October 30th, 2013 Michael J. Phillips Offensive and false advertising are issues, but biggest issues is Manipulative advertising • brain washing • completely irrational • plays off emotions, dreams, etc. • violates your freedom Edward Bernays—inventor of spin (Public Relations) • The century of the Self—BBC (Part I) • Bernays' "Torches of Freedom" ad campaign
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