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POL1100G IdeologyReview Methodology excerpt highlight terms variables etcIdeologies are about how one views whats important societally speaking as it pertains to politics Establishing importancepertinence to valuesbeliefs PrioritizationIdeologies are not invented by people They emerge FROM politics struggles conflicts objectives etc Come from a social and political context Its a disservicesimplistic to think that they emerge from individualsIdeologies are at a high level of abstraction cover a widespread variety of issues Broad in natureNot word of mouth they are established through an academic and formal medium There shouldnt be discrepanciesShould have withstood the test of timeThey suggest how things should be guideBe sure to understand your definition of an ideologyLeftright continuum is a simplification but facilitates political discussion Arose as a distinction from French revolution Meaning changes from country to country Left redistribution of wealth more prone to change communistic principlesRight fascist principles conservatism emphasis on customs tradition capitalistic principles small Government involvementLeftright spectrum is multidimensional The distinction therein lies if you were to simplify it to two dimensions is economic redistribution The right typically believe that the market is a structure for distributing wealth believe in the free market believe that government should have a limited role in the redistributing wealth amongst society operating mechanisms of social construction less government spendingprogram social protection lower taxes less extractionLeft believe in more redistribution bigger state role more social protectionprogram higher taxes as a resultAnother distinction concerns societal life change vs tradition The right tend to be more hesitant towards change Left are more prone to be welcome to progressive change Right tend to go towards homogeneity tend to be more concerned about moral issues Left tend to be more concern about substantive equality between groupsindividuals
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