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Final answers POL2101

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Political Science
Gordon Digiacomo

33: Define federalism: Federalism is a system of governance characterized by the constitutionally entrenched divisions of law-making powers between the federal government and the governments of constituent units applied on a territorial basis  Federal gov’t retains dominance over the provincial gov’ts  Seen as a mechanism for Unification 34: Constitutional institutions:  The senate  The court system 35: Advantages/disadvantages of federalism Pros  Democratic advantage: government is more accessible and responsive  Policy laboratory advantage: Testing out policy to see if it works Cons  Executive federalism: Execs and high bureaucrats making all the decisions  Difficult to attain country wide equality (Drugs in NB vs BC) 36: Contents of 1982 constitutional reforms (not sure)  Peace order and good governments clause  Acceptance of land rights to aboriginals 37: 2 sections that protect women’s rights  Section 28  Section 15 38: Sections which can be violated  Section 2: Fundamental freedoms  Sections 7-14: Legal rights  Section 15: Equality rights 39: Layers o structures of rights protections  Linguistic reasons  The PM’s knowledge of Canada’s blemished rights histoy 40: 3 policy areas of Naqvi  Healthcare delivery  Education  Social service programs 41: Who described the media-state relationship as being one of trust-distruct? Briefly discuss what the speaker meant  I don’t know the answer to this. What was the tall guys name? 42: What were two reasons the speaker from the Federation of Canadian municipalities gave to explain why property developers and real-estate agents seem to have inordinate influence on Ontario city councillors? (not sure)  Because property tax is such a big issue in Canada (Missions funded by property tax)  And so little taxes go to the municipalities (8%) 43: Advocacy methods  Lobbying  Meeting with bureaucrats 44: 3 issues with the founders  They were not avid democrats Thereby did not fully believe in a system fuelled by the people  Their connection to the state was not deep: They were only there on orders and not cause they truly wanted to start a country  Federal law making: All laws were made federally in order to instill a strong federal gov’t 45: Advocacy group determinants of success (not sure)  Successful lobbying  Provide reliable source for information  Advocate for change in laws 46: Political participation  Federalism: Citizens can elect whomever they want at both the federal and
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