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Political Science
Mark Salter

POL2103 E - Introduction to International Relations and Global Politics - Joseph Roman • 8-10 pages • double-spaced • due Mar. 26, at the beginning of class before the start of the lecture • 1.25” left & right margins, 1” top & bottom • Times New Roman 12 size font • must be stapled • have a simple cover page containing a title, student name, student number, course code & section, instructor’s name, & the date of submission • Excluding the title page, all pages must be numbered • Proper citation & a bibliography that conforms to the Chicago style of referencing. - www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html • minimum of 8 academic sources which do not appear in this course’s requirements - at least 2 of them must be edited or authored books • proceed down a path which students may feel provides a stronger and more focused argument • if a student wishes to c
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