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POL 2107 Modern Political Thought IJanuary 17 2013MachiavelliThe Prince MachiavelliLived from 14691527Sometimes referred to as the Dark Prince He has a definite break with tradition including Medieval Accredited with being the first modern political theorist o In many ways he was a produce of the Renaissancethe Renaissance manItaly was a state of small principalities and was one of the last to unify compared to France England which all became Monarchies The Prince is the political figure of the RenaissanceCondottieri He presents us with a new political individualthe Princeo He is detached from his environmento No morality or being a good personHe seeks glory in politics and is willing to use any method to gain his political endsNo matter how antitheoretical these methods may be o His only credentials were skill in the manipulation of others and guile o The virtue of the Prince was his ability to manipulate and control to his advantage the political forces that were constantly confronting him He understood there was no real consistency in politics Italy in this time was very corrupt and prevented the unification of the stateThe motivations of the prince o The quest for power and here it becomes permissible to dislodge others by whatever means you canall that matters is that you survive o The quest for gloryHe is motivated by glory fame recognitionHe also wants to demonstrate his glory to the world Different from the ancients because in addition to seeking glory he wanted people to be afraid of him because the Prince was a destructive power in bring a new state into beingo Politics is something to be sought after and revel ino We now have a move away from tradition o His word is naturalist and prescriptiveNaturalistic in the sense that there is no belief in a God or any kind of theologyno natural end to history rather the concern is with the discovery of certain lawsPrescriptive in the sense that Mac prescriptions are entirely technical not moral like AristotlePlatoMac was very amoralPolitical science becomes a technique for the successful manipulation of power in the service of a positive end whose value is not examined Becomes focused on efficiency rather than legitimacy For Mac the only things that men really want and which determine there behaviour are material or earthly goods Mostly importantly power glory and moneyand the desire for these is insatiable Are desires outrun the power of attainmentwe always want more frustration and dissatisfaction Therefore for Mac humans are aggressive greedy temperamental etc He hopes to show use some way out of this dilemmao This involves showing them some way to increase benefits without changing their selfish nature
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