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Hobbes Jan 23rdWhile different approach to politicsWanted to find a grounding for political obligationDidnt look to old traditions Solution was particularly authoritarianIndividual citizens give up their rights to the Leviathan in exchange for peaceMoving out of the feudal period Hobbes is not what we would call a Liberal but very much lays the foundation for LiberalismThe individual plays a big role for HobbesTake economic man market individual and take those psychological attributes and place them back into the state of natureIn Hobbes we see the legitimization of the pursuit of personal interest Machiavelli and Hobbes share thisHow did this pursuit influence personal arrangementsHow can we construct society to accommodate thisWhat rules need to be put in place in order to control the conflicts between different groups of different interests What are the social mechanisms to control this new systemMachiavellis prescriptions were lacking in one areasome comprehensive principle for coping with the interest ridden nature of the new politicsFor Hobbes the one thing that a political authority cannot do is to take your life The right to lifethe right to survivalHow can we set up a system of laws that protect everyoneSense of a common life was absent from Machiavelli No reflection of an ordered set of relationships among men of a same social group He never managed to explain how civic virtue alone accomplish the sense of community How could it stand in opposition to the interest driven divided politicsNeed somekind of harmony or predictability in civil society Without that you cant have a functioning market economyHobbes represents the very pragmatic British empiricismHobbes basic intention was two fold
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