POL 2156 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Elections Canada, Critical Race Theory, Class Conflict

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Pol2156 foundations of research in political science: midterm i. Understand the ethical considerations for social science research. Intrudes on the private sphere or delves into deeply personal experiences. i. e. abortion, sex, etc: study concerned w/ deviance and social control. i. e. policy issues that would affect female offenders, sexual behaviour, etc. o. Impinges on the exercise of coercion or domination. i. e. first nations communities. Risk to the researcher: physical safety. o. Legal action: stigma associated w/ unpopular topics. Understand the elements that must be included in an informed consent form. Activities participants will be involved in and duration. Where to find detailed info of the study and/or to receive the findings: potential use of findings. Understand the key professional ethical considerations in each step of a research project. Research design: must restrict oneself to questions that can be justified by the theoretical underpinnings of the study.