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POL3115Midterm RevisionModernization TheoryEmerged in the 1950s but was more important in the 1960s transition through a complex set of changes in culture society and economy characterized by industrialization and urbanization from traditional to modern society The West is the model Scholars Almond Huntington Rostow Parsons 5 dichotomies Affective versus affectively neutralCollectivelyoriented versus selforiented Particularistic versus universalistic criteriaAscriptive versus achievement criteriaFunctionally diffuse versus functionally specificRostow stages of economic growthThe traditional societyPreconditions for takeoffTakeoffDrive to maturityAge of highmass consumptionVariant Political development theory same view of transition economic development as precondition main issues political equality capacity of political system differentiation of political roles and structuresCritique of Modernization Theory as being too optimistic and simplistic culturally biased and ethnocentric ignored impact of colonialism and imperialism problem in understanding traditions Modernization RevisionismFailure in MT of explaining Third Worlds politicsAttacked the ethnocentric nature of political development theoryHighlighted the character of indigenous social culture and structureReplaced democratic ideal with political orderHuntingtons view Economic development leads to social and political disruptionPolitical mobilization leads to instabilityExisting political institutions too weak to respond leading to political disorder or breakdown
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