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Final Notes for POL 3142

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Final Notes POL 3142Intro to EU StructureWhat is Economic IntegrationIt is the European Union with increasing influence to commensurate w itseconomic importance standard of living and its place in diplomatic commercial and monetary forumsWhere does the Economic Community derive its power fromIt derives its strength from common values of democracy and human rights It rallies its people and it has preserved the diversity of cultures and languages and the traditions of member statesWhat is the difference bwthe European Council and the Council of EuropeThe European Council is an institution within the EU It is comprised of the heads of states president PMs of Member States of the EU along with the Prez of the European Commision and the Prez of the European CouncilThe EC is charged under the Lisbon Treaty with defining the general political directions and priorities of the Union The EC is a strategic and crisis solving body acting as the collective presidency of the EUThe Council of Europe is a UNlike governing body that handles human rights issues etcThe CoE is a nonEU organization that works towards further European integration It has a particular emphasis on legal standards human rights democratic development the rule of law and cultural cooperation It is a nongoverning bodyThe CoE is a forum for discussionoNo legislative power Just normativeTreaty of Paris 1951Created the European Coal and Steel Community ECSCCountries included were FRA GER BELLUX ITA and NEDMaastritch Treaty 1993Was the founding act of the EUBased on a Pillar StructureoEuropean Community that consisted ofEuropean CitizenshipSingle MarketEducationTransportationoCommon Foregin SecurityoJustice and Home Affair PillarThe criteria in which countries must follow in order to be part of the EUAmsterdam Treaty 1999Greater emphasis on citizenship and the rights of individualsThere was an attempt to achieve more democracy in the shape of increased power for the European Parliament and the start of the Common Foreign and Security PolicyWhat is the EPIt is the European ParliamentAka the legislative body of the EUWhat is the ECIt is the European CommissionAka the executive body EUIt is responsible for proposing legislation implementing decisions upholding th Unions treaties and the daytoday running of the EUAnother ECAs noted before yes the European CouncilIt can make decisions but unlike the EP it has NO legislative power Only NormativeWhat does the European Central Bank doECB is the central bank of the EurozoneoThe Eurozone are MS who take part in the single monetary act of the EU Aka they use the Euro as their currency as opposed to the currency of their respective countriesECB defines the policy of Euromoney countriesoIt is suppose to keep prices stableECB has no economic policyWhat is the European Court of JusticeIt is the highest court in EuropeWhat is the Euro ZoneIt is the area that countries have adopted a single currencyoThe euro17 countries plus the other 6What is the EuroGroupFinance ministers of the 17 countries that have implemented the EuroThey discuss the development of the EUEU has no budgetary power over statesoPurely monetary which only allows them EU to control pricesWhat is the difference bw president and presidency of the EUPresident of the EUoIs the permanent representative of the EUoLooks over the work of the European councilPresidencyoRotates bw countries every six months
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