PSY 1101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Wilhelm Wundt, Operational Definition, Body Odor

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PSY 1101 Full Course Notes
PSY 1101 Full Course Notes
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Cruella would not describe herself as the type of person who cares about animal rights, but she says that she does when filling out a survey for a psychologist. B) power: validity, reliability, roger wants to study whether the level of personal income predicts happiness. B) false: broca"s research was consistent with descartes" philosophical position that mental processes were grounded in the brain, true. B) false: wilhelm wundt opened the first psychology laboratory in leipzig in 1879, true, false. A) true: false, maslow and rogers are regarded as being more optimistic about the human condition than. Freud: true, false, behaviorism focused on the scientific study of objectively observable behavior, true, false, if a behavior is reinforced, it is more likely to occur again. A) true: false, the gestaltists" view was diametrically opposed to the functionalists" claim that experience can be broken down into separate elements, true, false.