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th7 ClassPSY 1101September 30 2013 D 2 Opponent Processing TheoryProposed by Hering Criticized trichromatic theory insufficient to explain colour vision Certain visual phenomenon cannot be explained by trichromatic theory such as After images As pertained to colour After images Continue to perceive object after physical stimulation has stoppedStare at green see redStare at red see greenStare at blue See yellowStare at yellow See blue4 Primary Light Colours Red green blue and yellowAll colours of light can be created with these 4 3 Antagonistic Colour Systems1 Red and green2 Blue and yellow3 Black and white1 Red and green Clusters of cells that respond to red light and green light They respond in opposing waysIf excited by red they will be inhibited by greenThe brain knows what excitesinhibits these cells The brain monitors the 3 systems and based on the pattern of activation the brain will determine what we seeWill combine lights Red and yellow yields orangeD3 Bottom Line To Date Both Theories ValidTrichromatic Theory is supported by the cones in the retinaOpponent processing theory is supported by the ganglion cells in the retina and by the neurons in the brain thalamus IV Organization and InterpretationIntroduction Lots of information is known thanks to Gestalt psychology1 principle When the brain organizes sensory information it does so in a Gestalt a unit a whole or an integrated unit
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