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secondmidterm PerceptionPerceptualorganizationselectorganizeinterpretinfoinameaningfulwayGestaltPsychologyfoundedin1900sinGermanyaGestaltisawholeExThebrainorganizesinfointoaGestaltawholeweseeafaceasawholefaceinsteadofasafloatingnoseandandeyeandarandomeyebrowThewholemayexceedthesumofitspartsPerceivingisnotpassivethebrainactivelyconstructsrealityFormperceptionFigurethefocusandGroundthebackgroundPsychologicalperceptionsdonotACTUALLYexistGroupingdonebybrainrulesProximityelementsspaciallyclosetogetherwillbeperceivedasaunitSimilarityelementsphysicallysimilarwillbeperceivedasaunitContinuityelementsthatcontinueapatternwillbeperceivedasaunitConnectednesselementsconnectedbyotherelementswillbepercievedasaunitClosurewhenanimageisincompletethebrainwillfilltheblanksDepthperceptionthephysicalnearnesstoanobjectpartlyinnateBinocularDepthCuesthebrainneedsbotheyestoprocessdepth1ConvergenceextenttowhicheyemusclesrotatesoyouanlookatanobjectHigherconvergencecloserobject2RetinaldisparityeacheyehasaslightlydifferentviewMonocularDepthCuescuesfromoneeye1Relativesizeobjectwhichappearslargerisperceivedascloser2Interpositionwhenoneobjectisblockingtheothertheobjectthatisblockingiscloser3Relativeclaritythesharpertheobjectseemsthecloseritis4Texturegradientthemoredetailedthetexturethecloseritis5Relativeheighttheheigherthefurther6RelativemotionobjectsmovingfasterandintheoppositedirectionarecloserLinearperspectiveWhentwoparallellinesappeartoconvergeinthedistanceitisbecauseofthosedepthcuesaboverelativesizetexturegradientetcStroboscopicmovementIn TV screens nothing is moving we just perceive it to bein reality we are just seeing a series of still photographs flashed very quicklyPhi Phenomenon When looking at flashing neon signs there is no movement but we perceive the alternating stationary lights as movement because the brain constructs realityPerceptual Constancy Ability to perceive objects as remaining unchanging and constant even if visual stimulus changesex when Olga is facing sideways she is still Olga XSize constancy ability to perceive object as staying the same size despite changes in sensory input Ex Object moving away from you is still the same size in real life as it was when it was near youShape constancy ability to perceive shape ex a cube as staying the same despite rotationsColour constancy ability to perceive colour as staying the same despite changes in light conditionsLightness constancy ability to perceive greywhite and black as staying such despite changes in light conditionsTheory of relative luminance one of the explanations offered to explain colour and lightness constancyWhen the brain monitors an object it sees not only the object but that object in relation to objects around it SizeDistance RelationUse size cues to determine distanceUse distance cues to determine sizePerceptual interpretationQ Are perceived abilities innate or learned with experienceA Experience is essential for perceptual properties of depth size shape also improves figureground perception colour and movement perceptionsCritical Period period of time from birth when experience is absolutely necessary for development of neural pathwaysPerceptual Adaptation in VisionAbility of brain to adapt to visual world that has been distortedEx people wearing goggles that turn the world upsidedown can adapt to an upsidedown worldPerceptual SetA persons tendency to interpret eventsexplain things in a certain way can vary depending onCulture religion race upbringing friends teachers assumptions own beliefswe see things as we area Schema a mental modelrepresentation of things formed over your lifetimeImportance of ContextExUnscramble this animal word AEPape Unscramble this vegetable word AEP pea
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