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PSY1102 - What to Study for the Final Exam

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Najwa Haddad

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**ALL PAGE NUMBERS ARE BASED ON PSYCHOLOGY 9TH EDITION BY DAVID MYERS** Study Recommendations - 145, 148-149 - critique of EP - culture - 153-158 - how much credit/blame do parents deserve - table - 151 - theory of mind - autism - 192-194 - reflections on Piaget’s theory - right vs. wrong - table 5.2 in book - social deviance - forming identity chapter 5 - social deviance - 415-418 - dynamics of intelligence - biofeedback and relaxation - 553-572 - table 14.3 schizophrenia - somatoform disorder - dissociative identity disorder Chapter 4 - nature - genes, EP, Behavioural Geneticists, Molecular geneticists - nurture - A,B,D - notes - C,E - book (153-158*) - gender - similarities and differences table in book Chapter 5 - conc
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