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PSY 1102 ESYLLABUSFirst midterm is on the 14th of February Ch 4510worth 255 Mostly MC with maybe some T or F Study from notes and bookSecond midterm is on the 24th of March Ch 12only pp 327331 and Ch 13 and 14Worth 255 Study from notes and bookMostly MC with some T or FFinal is cumulative and they all have equal weightbastardsWorth 45All MC 100 questionsISPRWorth 4 of markMUST DORead the syllabus6136207488 profs number only for studentsOffice hoursBy appointment only at VNR 2017 call and book an appointmentLECTURE 1Chapter 4FOR THE INTRODUCTION DO ONLY THE NOTESFOR GENES DO NOTES ONLYFOR EVOLUTIONARY PSYCHOLOGY DO NOTES AND BOOKFOR BEHAVIOR GENETICS C1C5NOTES C6C7NOTES AND BOOKMOLECULAR GENETICSNOTESNURTURE COMPONENT ABDNOTES CBOOKCULTURE IS STILL A EARN A POINT P153158THE NATURE AND NURTURE GENDER SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES IS VERY IMPORTANTIIntroductionIIIIIIVVSection 1 One of the most fundamental questions in psychology is What makes us who we are What makes you you Are you born this wayOr were you made this way by the way you were raised and the experiences you have Nature vs NurtureNature means genes DNA and genetic inheritanceNurture means anything and everything other than genes and DNA family culture religion school peers work diet air pollution and radiation how you are raised etcAs of the present most psychologists agree that both nature and nurture are important to who we areWe were born this way PLUS we were nurtured and raised this wayThere is an interaction between nature and nurture they influence and affect each otherNature restricts our capabilities ex you cannot train and study to become the next EinsteinBecause of nurture we can help people develop proper functioningSection 2Every single cell in our body except egg and sperm has 46 chromosomes 23 pairs half from our mother and half from our fatherChromosomes are the carriers of genetic information and they carry this genetic information via DNA moleculesDNA consists of number of different things including thousands of genesGenes are segments of DNAA gene is a basic unit of heredityThey are the ones that provide the instructions that give an organism its characteristics ex blonde hair blue eyes etcSometimes it takes a single gene to create a behavior or disease ex difference in size is due to a single geneBut usually we have gene complexes or a group of genes being responsible for a train or characteristic or a disease ex obesityat least 2000 genes responsible for it ChromosomesDNAGenesNucleotidesNucleotides are biochemical basesThere are 4 of them in DNAA AdenineC CytosineG GuanineT ThymineNucleotides ALWAYS come in pairs and AT and GCNucleotides are known as the alphabet of lifeThey are called the alphabet of life because it is the sequence of nucleotides that determines what a gene does and doesnt doIf one letter is changed in the sequence then it alters what a gene doesThink of chromosomes as books genes as the words and nucleotides as the lettersIn the year 2000 scientists were able to decipher the whole sequence of human DNAOn average we have 30000 genes number may we different somewhere elseEvery single human being on earth doesnt matter the age race or ethnicity has 9999 genetically similar to other human beingsWe are 001 different genetically5 of the 001 of the difference is differences among races ex Black Asian Arab etc 95 of the 001 of the difference is differences WITHIN a race ex Blacks within Blacks etcIn 2004 a study was published in Nature GeneticsExtensive review on all the data we have on DNATheir conclusion is Race does not exist biologicallyBiologically race is a meaningless conceptStandard concept of race ought to be abandonedWe share 9598 of our genetic makeup with chimps90 with mice50 with BANANAS44 with fruit flies30 with daisiesEvolutionary Psychology EPB1B2B3B1What is EPIt is the newest and youngest perspective in psychologyIt is based on the theory of evolutionOne of the main ideas in the theory of evolution is that every organism on earth bacteria dog or human being has one main goal which is to survive and transmit its genes into the future generationNot every organism can complete its main goalDue to natural selection only the fittest of the organisms will surviveAn organism is considered to be fit to survive when the demands of the environment that it lives in AND its characteristics matchThe better the match the higher the rate of survivalEPs take the ideas of the theory of evolution and they apply them to psychology and use them to explain human behavior human characteristics and human traitsThey also use them to explain what is universal and what is common in terms of human behavior and characteristicsPsychologists who work with EP are not interested in individual characteristics and behaviorsThey are interested in universal behaviorsThe majority of human beings across the globe are afraid of either heights snakes or spidersAccording to EP any behavior that helped our ancestors survive are traits that are transmitted to us and are displayed in us todaySo our ancestors who survived were afraid of heights and therefore we
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