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Chapter 12 Stress and HealthIStress and HealthA IntroductionWe are now dyeing from different diseases that are lifestyle associatedThe 10 leading causes of death are due to behaviours ex smoking overeating lack of physical activity unsafe sex pollution etcBehavioural medicine is a scientific field where psychological and medical knowledge is combined Health psychology is a scientific field where researchers try to learn every possible factor that can be linked and associated with healthUse the knowledge for health promotion B Stress and Stressors B1 DefinitionUsually defined as a negative emotion that we experience when faced with events that either threatening to us or taxing and challenging to us Its how we perceive the event A stressor is any event that we perceive as threatening or challenging or taxing B2 The Stress Response SystemCanon is one of the persons to study stress he concluded that both humans and animals when faced with a threatening situation their bodies undergo psychological changes The body releases stress hormones such as epinephrine or norepinephrine The body goes into fight or flight responseyour HR and BP increases pupils dilate sugar and fat are released digestion an immune system are inhibited Short term stress is beneficial for the body and adaptive He said that when stress becomes chronic it is harmful for the boy and brain Slye is the researcher who claimed the term stressBased on his research and observations he proposed the General Adaption Syndrome GAS which he said the body as a generalized response to stressed that has three phasesoAlarm reaction the body mobilized its resources to either fight or flightoResistance the body does what it takes to either resist or cope with the situation oExhaustion the bodies resources are depletedwe become more vulnerable to illnesses in extreme causes death is a possibility The adrenal glands which sit on top of the kidneys release our stress hormones When faced with a stressor the body adapts by activating two systems the cortex
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