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Chapter 14 Psychological DisordersIPerspectives on Psychological DisordersA IntroductionAbnormal psychology is a scientific field where researchers study mental illnessThey study the origins symptoms development treatment and prevention Mental illness is more prevalent than people think oWithin the past 12 months have you experienced mental illness 26 said yes 1 out of 4oUp to this point in your life have you experienced mental illness 46 said yesThe majority of people with mental illness do not get helpoCant afford helpoMay live in a rural area where it is not availableoIgnorance oStigma of mental illness Be aware of MSS Medical Student Syndrome when students start studying diseases and illnesses they start believing they have the symptoms they study B Defining Psychological DisordersCriteriaoStatistical infrequency look how frequent a behaviour it is among a population They more infrequent it is the more likely it is to be a disorder oDeviant the behaviour must be deviant it has to deviate from the norms and rule of a particular culture or society be careful some people choose to be deviantoDistressing to oneself or others be careful because some people are in denialoDysfunctional behaviour harmful to the person or the people around them also disruptive interferes with their everyday lifeC Understanding Psychological DisordersThe why determines how we treat people with mental illness3 perspectives 1The Demonic ModeloThe idea of mental illness is newoBefore people who behaved inappropriately were thought to be demons or evil spirits oAs a result these people we treated in horrific ways oStill found in different areas of the world2Medical PerspectiveoRenaissance period started seeing these people have a physiological and biological basis oTreatments were still horrific oPinnel was a physician assigned to be in charge of an asylum he wanted more moral and humane treatments oHe unchained them told staff to be social gave them bigger windows in their room gave them exercise oSyphilis improved oToday physiological and biologically based symptoms are used as the terms of diagnoses therapy is used as treatment and the purpose is to cure 3BioPsychoSocial PerspectiveoYou look at a number of different factors that affect mental healthoNature and nurture based oFactors genetic physiological brain neurotransmitters psychological factors and social and cultural oAnorexia and oKoro occurs in SouthEast Asia and is a male anxiety fear that their penis will go into their stomach and kill themD Classifying DisordersMental health workers need a classification system because there is so many different kinds which is clear and uniform DSMIVTR Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders is the bible for mental health workers that classified clarifies and organizes mental illnessIt lists the symptoms and the course of the mental illness however it does not offer reasons for the illness or treatment The categories are reliable because the DSM clearly lists the observable behaviours that must be present It will always be in a state of evolution every few years it is revised It takes a village MANY people work on the new editions together Criticism basically based on the medical model culturally biased based on Western views too many categories 30 of the population would qualify for a mental disorder add dimension degrees of severity E Labelling Psychological DisordersWhen we use labels we are encouraging people to not take responsibility for their lives and behaviours It creates a stigma which makes people less likely to get help
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