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Chapter 14 Moral DevelopmentMoral development is determined by your culture and youre moral development We also have different periods of development with different moral reasoningMorality IssuesMoral rulesoWhat is fair and what is justSocial conventionsowe have rules to keep society in placeoMoral Reasoning How you think about thingsoMoral Conduct The way you actTheories of Moral DevelopmentPieagets Stage TheoryoStage 1 24 yrs Children have no true conception of moralityoStage 2 57 yrs Understand rules but are not flexible in rule useObjective Responsibility Children evaluate moral situations on the basis of amount of damageImmanent Justice There should be immediate justiceoStage 3 811 yrs They realize rules are conventions and they can be altered They now consider intentionoStage 4 12 up Children develop rules as needed and extend moral reasoning beyond their personal level Moral reasoning develops as the cognitive structures of the child develop Kohlbergs ModeloThree levels of reasoningPreconeventioanal Only satisfying their own needsConventional Social systems must be based on laws and regulations The law says its bad so I wont do it
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