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Developmental Psychology and Its Roots psychology the scientific study of behaviourWhat is Developmental PsychologyThe branch of psychology devoted to the study of changes in behaviour and abilities over the course of development About 100yrs old from when researchers started using scientific method Mainly study from womb to adolescence more changes occur It has two goals description and explanation description to identify childrens behaviour at each point in their development This involves questions like when do babies detect colourexplanation determining the causes and processes that produce changes in behaviour from one point to the next Like examining the effects of the genes children inherit from their parents Why Study Children1 Period of Rapid Development developmental researchers study changestudy when A LOT of change occurs From womb to adolescence the child experiences the greatest amount of change 2 LongTerm Influences the events and experiences of the early years strongly affects an individuals later development 3 Insight into Complex Adult Processes Researchers often find it useful to study when behaviours are not so complex4 RealWorld Applications put theory into practicecan help reduce poverty illiteracy drugs etc 5 Interesting Subject Matter our own interest in pursuing this area of science reflects our personal love of children and our fascination with their behaviour and development Early Theorists 41 John Locke environmentalist believed that the environment and experiences shape a childperson believed we are born tabula rasaa clean slate born with nothing to shape us2 JeanJacques Rousseau Genetics Nativism the theory that human development results principly from inborn processes that guide the emergence of behaviours in a predictable manner 3 Johann Gottried Von Herder cultural relativism the belief that each culture should be examined and evaluated on its own termsthis theory of development is essentially an account of socialization into a group or community creates and shapes a child
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