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Psychology of Death and DyingIntroduction Slides 1 Death EducationWhyAftermath of unresolved death past presentVocational reasonsCuriosityPreparation for lifeThemesLimitation and control death is one thing we cannot control this is one of the limitations of lifeIndividuality and community what our views are individually an dhow we grieve vs how our community grievesVulnerability and resilience we have evolved and we continue to evolve as human beings and therefore we are extremely resilient We are very vulnerable however to the smallest of viruses that may kill usGoalsPeople take this class to enrich personal livesTo inform and guide in relationships with societyPrepare for public and professional rolesStats Better heath care feeding habits and immunization reduced the mortality rate of young children under 1Men died in greater numbers then women Both men and women death rate increased in first WWHospitalmost common place to diePlaces of death 1990Hospital622 Nursing home164 Residence 174 Other38 Unknown02 Reasons of New PatternsIndustrialization people moving to citiesPublic health measures immunization HIV awareness etcPreventative health care vaccinationsModern cureoriented medicine doctors who want to cure instead of just care forNature of contemporary families we are an extremely mobile society This causes problems of bringing diseases back from one society to anotherAttitudes to Death Slides 2Blind faithgo up in elevator to a glass floor you have blind faith that as you walk across the glass it wont break In the US huge rock wall out of Las Vegas Big steal structure with a waist level railing 3000 f straight into canyonDeath is the cessation of life and life functionsAttitudes toward death and the expression of these attitudes are a reflection of todays societyHow death is reflectedThrough language passed on lost euphemisms protect reality of deathdiedThrough humor sometimes we use humor to help us grieve must know when and how to use humor Humour examples in slidesHumourAllows discussionMomentary release from pain and griefIs an equalizer treats the sameRelease and relief means of coping for caregiver and patientHow are attitudes disseminatedMass mediaLiteratureAIDS quiltMusic and visual artsFormal death education new phenomenonNuclear power and arms forced confrontationRemoved from the concept of death byEuphemismsIsolation of the process of dyingTechnologiesInstitutions By the mediaFactorsThe aging populationThe prolongation of the process of dying The nuclear ageThe psychology of entitlementthe rights of the dyingHumane approaches vs technologiesbirth and dyingMeaningful confrontation of deathThe age of transition failure and death are not synonymsDeathEducation
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