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Friendship and Love FriendshipLove 1Evaluation dimensions and principles of ip relationshipip attraction and escalating maintaining and terminating supp mat2Nature of friendshipFriendshipRelationship that exists over time between people who share a common historyFriendsValuable sources of supporthappiness Are chosen3Reasons for friendshipThree basic needs met by friendshipSee supp mat reasons for friendshipInclusionNeed for social contactControlNeed for stabilitypredictability and comfort3AffectionNeed to give and receive love support warmth and intimacyNote social isolation can negatively affect physical and mental health4Rules for friendshipRules Prescriptions that tells us what behaviour is obligated preferred or prohibited in certain contextsBased on social and cultural expectationsSome researchers believeUnderstanding and following rules is key to establishing and maintaining friendshipsEgs of rules to establish relationshipRespect privacy and keep confidencesSeek to repay debts favours or complimentsBe loyalEgs rules to maintain relationshipsVolunteer help in time of needTrust and confideShow emotional supportNot nagDisclose personal feelings or problems5Types of friendshipsThree main typesAcquaintancesMay have dozensCommunication tends to be functional and superficialLimited self disclosure about feelings and attitudesCasual friendsHigher level of intimacy than acquaintances
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