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PSY3109 Final Exam student info 2013Bring pencil and student cardFormatmostly mc and some essay questionsCh 7 on stress pages 168175183197Ch 13 pages 338348352362Ch 14 pages 367389367376 not heavy emphasis 378389 more emphasis 394398 on positive psychologyCh 3 pages 6973 on fear Ch 6 pages 161162164165 on humourCh 9 pages 249251 on subjective well beingCh 11 pages 281308 287293 heavier emphasis 298308 heavier emphasis Not as emphasized281286294297Ch 10 pages 274280 heavy emphasisEating disorders from the lectureFranken excerpts and lectures importantConcepts you must knoAnorexia genetic obsessive cumpulsiveBulimia environment cumpulsivePositive psychology Make normal life more fulfilling Understand the positive emotions fulfilling aspects of human behavior Happiness can be defined by many different factorsage midlife crisis finances as long as you have enough money for the necessities after 75K a yearbetter to enjoy your job than make a lot of money education and intelligence IQ over 120 does not mean more happydepends on social skills etc marriage Seligman says it is related to happinessmarried people are happier than single people personality Big Fiveopenness conscientiousness extraversion agreeableness neuroticism social ties health close relationships how participants deal with their troubles healthy and strong relationships religion religiousemotional wellbeing and lower rates of delinquencyOptimism happiness humour subjective wellbeing overall concept of signature strengths virtues flow flourishingOptimism disassociate internal mood from external circumstances use positive affirmationsHappiness we can all learn how to bring more meaning and satisfaction into our lives using our signature strengths increase positive moods
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