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Exam Questions1Accusations of Gender Bias in Therapy Have been leveled at all therapies The APA Task Force on Sex Bias identified 4 areas of bias in therapy1The sexist use of psychoanalytic concepts2Fostering traditional sex roles and holding biased expectations about women3Devaluing womens potential4Viewing women as sex objects2 Mastery a gendersensitive therapy for traditional men encompassing a similar philosophy of empowerment and understanding to help clients change MonitorAssumeSeeTransmitEmpowerRespectYieldSee Table 159 Principles of GenderSensitive Counseling with Men MASTERY3The ethical codes of all mental health care professions now prohibit such contact However such reports are the most common ethical complaintEstimates of the frequency of such behavior indicate that about 10 of male and 23 of female therapists have sex with their patients Psychoanalysis is a talkbased therapy developed by Freud Gestalt therapy seeks to help clients to become whole again by allowing them to recognize and express their emotions Behaviour modification is task oriented Therapists encourage women gender roles but not men gender roles The person is political they are claimingCognitive and cognitive behaviour therapies are consistent in few feminist cognitive theoriesMen have trouble in psychoanalysis cause they suck at talking Mastery a gendersensitive therapy for traditional men encompassing a similar philosophy of empowerment and understanding to help clients changeGrowth of self help groups resulted in Online support groups DO NOT attract more men than women Online support groups arose with the increased availability of the InternetChapter 15 Treatment for Mental DisordersThough men have typically only sought therapy on the insistence of women in their lives men have been seeking therapy in increasing numbers1Psychoanalysis the talkbased therapydeveloped by Sigmund Freud is based on the assumption that psychopathology arises due to repression of problems to the unconscious Therapists help clients to bring this material to the level of consciousness where it can be dealt with rationally See Table 151 Elements of psychoanalytic therapy
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