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PSY 3122 Lecture 1 210613Sexuality and SocietyHow does our view on sexuality affect our view in society and vice versaHuman Sexuality is involved in what we do but it is also what we are it is identification an activity a drive biological and emotional process and outlook and an expression of the self It is an important factor in every personal relationship and every human endeavour from business to politics Energy to sexual expressionIsland of Mangaia Island first studied by MarshallChildren taught how to masturbate by the age of 8By 13 boy taught how to kiss suck girls breast create orgasm and how to control ejaculationMans social status is by how they satisfy partnerAll women are orgasmicBy 13 all girls taught to move hips like washing machineStarting at 13 adolescents engage in night crawlingAdolescents visit homes to have sexStarting in adolescents they have sex three times a night for the rest of lifeHigh sexual frequency continues throughout life cycleMarriage is permitted to last a life timeNight crawling is to cr
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