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University of Ottawa
Mary Theresa Howard

Chapter 14Abuse and Violence in the FamilyWhat is Family ViolenceFamily violence occurs in many forms DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CHILD ABUSE AND ELDER ABUSEFamily violence can affect anyone at any point in their life and constitutes the majority of violent acts in our societyViolence that occurs among family members presents a paradox in that harm is purposely inflicted by those whoa re supposed to care for or depend on one anotherFamily violence in CanadaUntil 30 years ago violence committed against family members was largely seen as a private matter and remained hiddenSince then there have been substantial changes in the criminal justice system response and social intervention to family violence This has been accompanied by a shift in the publics understanding and awareness of the issueViolent acts committed against family members are now recognized as serious violent crimesBefore WW1 husbands were allowed by law to beat their wives with a stick no thicker than a mans thumb and to lock them in a room if they wishedAccording to policereported data in 2010 there were almost 99k victims of violence andof all victims of violent crime50 were spousal violence or other types of family members such as children parents siblings or extended family membersFemales had more than double the risk of males of becoming victim of family violenceDomestic violence is widely understood to be a pattern of behaviour used by one person to gain power and control over another person with whom heshe has or has had an intimate relationshipThis pattern of behaviour may include physical violence sexual emotional and psychological intimidation verbal abuse stalking and using electronic devices to harass and controlDating violence was more prevalent than spousal violence with a rate that was higher than all other relationship categories including friends and acquaintancesPolicereported rates of intimate partner violence tended to be highest among female victims and among those aged 2534 yearsAbuse Between PartnersWhile it is generally agreed that relatively equal proportions of women and men report spousal abuse it is also generally agreed that women are more severely abusedMen are more likely to be kicked bitten hit slapped or have something thrown at themWomen are more likely to be sexually assaulted choked beaten pushed grabbed shoved or threatened with a knife or gunWomen are more than twice as likely as male victim to be physically injured by their partners 6x more likely to receive medication attention 5x more likely to be hospitalized due to injuries and 3x more likely to have to take time off paid or unpaid work to deal with the consequences of the violenceDomestic abuse against women is almost more frequentWomen are twice as likely to report chronic and ongoing assaults than are men
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