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Name3377 Midterm 2 Winter 2012 March 847 questionsMultiple ChoiceIdentify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question1A property of control processes in the modal model of memory is that theyado not require attentionbmay differ from one task to anothercare performed without conscious awarenessdare difficult to modify2Information remains in sensory memory foraseconds or a fraction of a secondb1530 secondsc13 minutesdas long as it is rehearsed3Compared to the wholereport technique the partialreport procedure involvesaa smaller stimulus setba smaller response setca smaller stimulus set and a smaller response setda shorter rehearsal period4Sperlings delayed partial report procedure provided evidence thataSTM and LTM are independent components of memorybinformation in sensory memory fades within 1 or 2 secondscinformation in STM must be rehearsed to transfer into LTMdSTM has a limited capacity5Peterson and Peterson studied how well participants can remember groups of three letters like BRT QSD after various delays They found that participants remembered an average of 80 percent of the groups after 3 seconds but only 10 percent after 18 seconds They hypothesized that this decrease in performance was due tobut later research showed that it was actually due to ainterference decaycdecay interferencebpriming interferenceddecay lack of rehearsal6STMs capacity is best estimated as seven plus or minus twoameaningful unitscwordsbdigitsdsentences7Chase and Simons research compared memory of chess masters and beginners for the position of game pieces on sample chess boards They found that the chess master remembered positions better when the arrangement of the pieces was consistent with a real game but not when the pieces were randomly placed The significance of this finding was thataexperts show larger primacy and recency effects than beginnersbknowledge in an area of expertise increases a persons digit spancexpertise with some material reduces susceptibility to proactive interference with that materialdchunking requires knowledge of familiar patterns or conceptsName8If you remember something in terms of its meaning the type of encoding you are using isasemanticcvisualbacousticdiconic9Conduct an experiment where participants see a number of target letters flashed briefly on a screen and are told to immediately write down the letters in the order they were presentedIt is most likely that the target letter P will be misidentified asaLbIcRdC10Lamar has just gotten a new job and is attending a company party where he will meet his colleagues for the first time His boss escorts him around to small groups to introduce him At the first group Lamar meets four people and is told only their first names The same thing happens with a second group and a third group At the fourth group Lamar is told their names and that one of the women in the group is the company accountant A little while later Lamar realizes that he only remembers the names of the people in the first group though he also remembers the profession of the last woman he met the accountant Lamars experience demonstratesaThe phonological similarity effectbA buildup and release of proactive interferencecThe cocktail party phenomenondA partialreport procedure11Given what we know about the operation of the phonological loop which of the following word lists would be most difficult for people to retain for 15 secondsaBIP TEK LIN MOD REYcMAC CAN CAP MAN MAPbSAY BET PIN COW RUGdPIG DOG RAT FOX HEN12Articulatory suppression causes a decrease in the wordlength effect becauseasaying the the the fills up the phonological loopbsaying la la la forces participants to use visual encodingctalking makes the longer words seem even longerdelaborative rehearsal helps transfer information into LTM13The primacy effect is attributed toarecall of information stored in LTMba type of rehearsal that improves memory for all items in a listcrecall of information still active in STMdforgetting of early items in a list as they are replaced by later items14Youve now learned about the serial position curve The relevant research in your text describes this curve using a free recall task participants are free to recall words in any order they choose Imagine that you conducted a remembering a list experiment using a serial recall task participants must recall words in the same order they were presented What would you predict for the results with the serial recall taskaThe same serial position curve observed with free recallbA diminished recency effect relative to free recallcA diminished primacy effect relative to free recalldDiminished primacy and recency effects relative to free recall
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