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Peggy Kleinplatz

1. American pie : Explicit: - Homophobic messages 2 girls can make out and be sexual but 2 guys cant. o heteronormativity - Men are always horny and want sex – Jim masturbating with a pie - You should be sexually skillful otherwise its embarrassing – Ex. Jim “blows his load” too quick while with a girl, and everyone is on webcam watching and laughs at him and makes fun of him at school - Masturbation is something to hide – Jims dad tries to give him “dirty magazines” and have a conversation to him about it, but he acts all awkward when discussing it. - Only young people have sex Reading – the movie is seen as a complete joke, which is why people can laugh when they see a woman being controlling of a man. When Jim has a girl in his room, she appears as a slut. Why? Because this isn’t how women are “supposed “ to act. Women are supposed to be dominated, not to dominate others. - When movies are seen as a joke, they’re able to be more explicit about it. When its an actual sign of desire, they try to be implicit in their messages. - Now, Voyager Implicit: - He lights 2 cigarettes and then gives one to her, to indicate they’ve charged more than just these germs before - When the mom purposely falls down the stairs, this is a sign that its better to be repressed because people will keep fighting you - Marriage and the nuclear family has to be preserved – we see this image of a regular family when Charlotte adopts his child into her life and we knows its not simply about sex, but about maintaining a family with them. - Never actually see them have sex its all implied. - At the end, they don`t end up staying together – This sends the implicit message that if you get involved with a married man you will end up alone. Lover come back - Lavender floor implicit that man was gay - Shouldn`t have a kid out of wedlock – they get married in the elevator before she actually gives birth - Jerry Webster wears a colorful suit, pretends to be a virgin and act not confident - which in the 50s was a sign of being gay (so he did this to pretend to be gay) - Having sex with a woman will turn you straight - Gender roles: o Carol was taken out of advertisement because its seen as a mans job and was put in the role of a housewife/ mother o Marriage is the way to fix gender roles – Carol becomes a housewife, Jerry admits hes not gay and gets put back into a manly role by being a father, husband, provider. - Dumb blonde = Carole thinks shes smart, but according to the film, she really isn’t – shes easily manipulated. - Carol tries to act like an independent woman, she really cant be – shows women cant be independent Reading: Putting a Dominatix in Her Place - Gender order always has to be restored – men should always be on top and women should always be on the bottom in some sort of symbolic way - Women in movies are often portrayed as needing help from a man to give up control and get in touch with femininity - We see this idea in SM, when a man has the full control over a woman – it keeps this gendered order than men are on top - SM – makes women appear childlike, passive, dependent, indecisive, physically vulnerable and emotionally unstable. 2. Compare “what movies look like” vs “what porn looks like”. Differences: - In movies we see sex for passion and romance, in porn its only for lust. - In movies we see women who want sex for love, while in porn its just for sex. - Im movies women don’t masturbate, in porn you’ll see girls touch themselves. - In movies sex is only intercourse, in porn sex can also include BJs, touching, etc. - In movies sex is only 2 people, in porn sex can be lots of people. This has an impact on viewers because it gives us unrealistic expectations about sex, it causes people to have no communication, unwanted sex, bad sex, unwanted pregnancies, sti. Women assume men always want it and are ready for it, you expect to orgasm at the same time. - It shows that theres only one type of sex, and its usually the “heterosexual” young people sex. No homosexuals, no disabled people, etc. - People feel ashamed of some things they do or say because they don’t see it as normal - There this dominant idea of “normal” vs “abnormal” sex. - Fetishes are looked down upon. When looking at Gayle Rubin’s Article “Thinking Sex”, there is a Sex Hierarchy. This sex hierarchy demonstrates the difference between what is perceived as good sex and bad sex. Good sex is seen as monogamous, heterosexual, at home, married sex while bad sex is seen as anything with fetishes, transvestites and sadomasochism. When watching movies we rarely seen what is refered to as “bad sex” and therefore people view the “good sex” as the only way to have sex. When confronted with a situation where they want to have “bad sex” it becomes an issue and an embarrassed and something to be hidden. 3. Fake question (what we think it might be): What are the challenges/obstacles that disabled people encounter with sex, and what would you do to help them? - The challenges they encounter for people with disabilities are often portrayed as asexual beings, they have a hard time finding partners who will be sexual relations with them, privacy issues (discuss nursing home example) they have nowhere to really go while the non-disabled can literally be sexual anywhere because they have the mobility to do so, they also get less sex education – doctors don’t necessarily
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