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Religious Studies
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CLASS 1Tips for reading booksGo to summaryend of chapterthe in conclusionlook for key terms and conceptsThis course is study of BELIEF not THEOLOGYKEY WORDSOccult We use it to mean something misunderstood The plain definition is hidden from plain viewSecretive information only known and understood by those who are trained to understand itUsually with the connotation that there is something powerful behind the understanding of itMagick MagiWisdomMagic slight of handillusionentertainment magic hands quicker than the eye can see Alistair Crowley would always write k at the end of magic to differentiate between the occulted powerful form and that referring to stage entertainmentMagick Magical will that everyone has the potential of accomplishing but you must be trainedwillingand knowledgeable to accomplish its powersPeople think of magic as a powerfu
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