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WorldreligionsreviewFirstClassTheoryPart1Dharmathat which upholds sustains the regulatory order of the universeNot simply focused on belief systems food music things that uphold the universeDharma traditionsoHindu Dharma 1 billionoJain Dharma 6 millionoBuddha Dharma 400 millionoSikh Dharma 30 millionIs it synonymous with religion Only if the definition of religion in broadenedReligion Far more than a belief in the existence of an entity God or in the truth of doctrines or beliefs or even ethical oAbrahamic traditions have doctoral ethical traditions human to GodoDharma is ethical with everything human to everything It is an orientation to the cosmos and our place in it It is a concept more easily recognized is experiential traditionsEmerges as a response to an experience to the world as meaningful phenomenological Religion historically serves to acknowledge the existence of forces force greater than us and ways for us to serve themIt is fundamentally an experiential engagement with a meaningful worldGodName for that ultimate source of meaning to which people seek to connectDifferently conceived Jesus Allah HaShem Krishna Shiva Paramatma Bhagwan Akal Murat Baha Nirvana collective consciousness eg acc to Quantam Physicist Amit GoswamiThe etymology of religionLatin term religare meaning to bind tightly connect with Most likely connect with the ultimate forces of life binds tighter to the concept of dharmaThe Anthropological approach to religionTruth is grounded in cultural context Myths Art Music Religion are TRUE have meaningoMyths are true because they communicate what it means to be human and the meaning of the human conditionoMusic and Art are true because it as experiential phenomenonTruth is connected with meaningfulness Therefore facts that are not meaningful have no truth value SecondClassTheoryPart2What is religionIn terms of theology religion treats religious belief and practice as a response to God often a direct responseeg Abrahamic TraditionsReligion as a response to some form of human interest And yet Religion positively insists on the idea that meaning is given rather than constructed Religious Studies cannot neglect either of these Some warn that categories will never capture religious experience eg Cantwell Smith Always will be a difference between category and experienceWhatever the source oReligion allows us to tap into the deepest reality oWe define our lives according to this ultimate ideal Try to live in the framework of the awareness of this idealWith or without GodoWhatever its source religion expresses affective transformative power It describes something we feel is authenticFor those who are religiousoReligion expressed in terms of The means to ultimate transformationConcerned with Ultimate Postulateso the symbol system that we live and die byIt frames our existence and provides it with meaningSocial Scientific ApproachesNo assumption of existence of GodExplain how Religion FUNCTIONS in a society culture group psyche Its existence is explained by appealing to human interests or needs social cultural political psychologicalLooking for patterns laws in human behavioursSociological Approach to religioncollectiveoBegins with fact that human beings are social animals and religion is aphenomenonoReligion is affective not primarily rationaloThe collective social group is the source of religion Group creates religious feelingsfeel its powerWe get caught up in its transpersonalIn a group we power This power feels as if it is external to usWe feel small before it we worship itoWe are effectively worshipping our own collective power ourselvesoIn this way religion works to keep groups together because it affirms the groupMarxist approachesExplore how Religion maintains political economic social inequalitiesFeminist approachesExplore how Religion helps to create and maintains gendered relations often unequal onesModesty is considered to be required by God womens primary role is motherhood etc
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