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Women's Studies
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The white goddessBarbie left a personal impression on this generationThe main character of this story is 37 yrs old 56 123 pounds tolerably fit woman whos knees and elbows are larger then her breasts Her mother was described as a beauty She daughter was described as 510 132 pounds and had nice perky boobs Her perfection put her daughter at competition with her Her daughter used to pour over fashion magazines hoping to look like those models When the daughter was around 8 years old and the mother was 46 the mother ended up getting cancer and died 6 years later breast cancerThe daughter was scared that she might end up getting breast cancer as well Now she associated perfect breasts with cancer and started covering the breasts of her Barbie dolls She has profound memories of playing with her dollsWhen mother was laive she became a feminie mustique and hated every minute of it She never complained about her cancer and her mastosecatmy The mothers message was that the womans traduibak rike was loathsome
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