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University of Ottawa
Women's Studies

FEM1100 MIDTERM 2 REVIEWJohnston and TaylorHistory of corporations using emancipatory ideals to sell products ex Virginia Slims Question of whether seemingly wellintentioned corporate strategies have transformative possibilitieswhat are some the things that contradict or undermine those possibilities The possibilities for counterhegemonic action against oppressive feminine beauty standards Contrasting the Dove campaign for real beauty with PPO pretty porkypissed off a toronto based fatactivist group that challenged feminine beauty ideals The Dove campaign billboards TV mags showing women w wrinkes stretch makrs freckes pregnant bodies fatMultimillion campaign aligns itself with certain feminist idealsscholars partners w grassroots orgs to raise millions for programs helping girls w self esteem eating disorders Part of feminist consumerismPPO group of feministqueer activistsartists who were tired of the lack of shopping options for plus size women started street proteststhen cabaret shows becoming 1 of Torontos most popular queer cabaret acts til they disbanded Ideologyorganized around a set of ideas normative claimsvalue structures that have an emotional component that influences their useappeal Beauty ideologyhow subjects internalizedresist feminine beauty ideals in the context of corporate consumer culture Feminist theorizing on beauty 1 beauty myth that disables women from reaching full equality w men 2 emphasis on agencyhow women derive pleasureselfexpression from beauty rituals 3 problematizing ideals surrounding thin and fat bodies corpulence studiesthe assumptions that fat bodies are oppressed depressedpsychologically traumatized 4 racialized classed ableist assumptions of beauty Political inequalities are lived at the every day level where women internalize beauty regimes and regulate themselves Foucault PPPO focused on reclaiming fat discourses importance of positive body image vs weight loss challenging the emphasis on beauty for girlswomen
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