BIO372H5 Study Guide - Rolling Circle Replication, Single-Stranded Binding Protein, Okazaki Fragments

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7 May 2011

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3 activities of genes genes carries information. Genetic material needs to be passed unchanged from generation to generation: general features, major proteins, 3 stages. General features: semi-conservative 1 parental strand paired with 1 daughter strand, semi-discontinous, unidirectional or bidirectional. Semiconservative; dispersive (mixture of parental and daughter strand) Fig 20. 1: conservative 2 parental strands paired together and 2 daughter strands paired together. Took bacteria cells and grew in medium containing light form of nitrogen (n14); dark form of nitrogen (n15). Fig. 20. 4: after 2 replication: heavy bands disappearing and see light and medium bands appearing. Fig. 20. 3: meselson and stahl (review: rifampicin inhibits dna replication, rifampicin inhibits rna polymerase (not dna polymerase) fig. Dna polymerase synthesizes 5" to 3"; dna polymerase needs a primer www. notesolution. com. Fig. 20. 5: leading and lagging strands continous, semicontinous, discontinous synthesis must occur in opposite directions (one strand continous and one strand synthesized in short fragments called okazaki fragments) Radioactive thymadine added so can label dna synthesized.

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