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Exam Review (possible questions)

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Angela B Lange

Why do steroid hormones take so much longer to act than peptide hormones steroid hormones are lipid soluble and thus cross through the cell membrane They have intracellular receptors to which they attach to to cause transcriptional changes in the DNA and mRNA The mRNA must then return tp the cytoplasm to be translated into proteins unlike peptide hormones that act in enzyme cascades which are much quickerDiscuss with an example four potential target sites exploited by the pharmaceutical industry which are associated with synaptic transmission Use the Ach synapse for your examples 1 Block the reuptake of Ach after its been released into the synaptic cleft 2 Antagonists block the receptors for the Ach and dont allow them to bind 3 increase transmitter release into the synaptic cleft 4 block transmitter release Ca entering the cellHow to prove the existence of a neurotransmitter 1 Ablation removal of the suspected organ should result in a deficiency symptoms 2 Replacement reimplantation of the organ or inserting the suspected substance should relieve the symptoms 3 Purify Sequence Synthesissynthesized substance with the same biological properties as the suspected hormone should also relieve the symptomsA Person with cirrhosis of the liver has lowerthannormal levels of plasma protein and a higher than normal GFR Explain why a decrase in plasma protei
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