ENV100Y5 Quiz: QUIZ 1 KEY

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ENV100Y5 Full Course Notes
ENV100Y5 Full Course Notes
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Sympatric speciation - populations become reproductively isolated within the same area. Extinction = the disappearance of a species from earth. Some species are more vulnerable to extinction than others ? because . Realized niche- you have to share and effect others. Allopatric speciation separated by location but same species. Population ecology quantative population/ same spsecies, same place, same time. Ecosystem ecology living and non living: habitat = the environment in which an organism lives, habitat selection = non-random use of available habitat. Uniform penguins space for eggs/ territory. Clumped fish b/c social or good environment www. notesolution. com. Climax aka longest lasting survivors, best adaption, not much higher than these trees, more competition than pioneer level: endemic species: species with a small geographic distribution. Small populations: lack genetic diversity mass extinction: 50 95% of all life gone. Density dependent influence affected by pop density. Density independent outside factors unrelated to pop density. Secondary succession alters but not all organisms are eliminated.

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