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midterm and final review

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Tong Lam

HIS 284 REVIEW Oracle bones - Traced back to Shang dynasty ( 1700s-1100s), graphs and letters inscribed on bones, an ancient way to document and predict the future, gave sense of the certainty to the rulers. The use of oracle bones raised the needs for knowledge people to interpret and read what meant on the bones and advised the rulers. This needs for knowledge people was the first emergence of social system that divided the labor divisions, and the emergence of social cast and hierarchy. Infantry battle- introduced in 6th century, it introduced a new form of warfare. Before the emergence of infantry battle, only chariots existed and only noble people got the chance to fight. the generation of infantry battle created conditions for a more complex social structure, contributed to social mobility and demanded for military experts and divided labor. Confucianism- The representative of confucianism is Kongzi, called Confucius by many and Mengzi. The most famous book The analects was the collection of Kongzis teachings and dialogs. Kongzi believed that people should learn the past sages and gain from them. He thought that he transmitted but not invented the wisdoms from the sages, and actively help the rulers to practice goodness, righteousness to build a united benevolent society. He also thought human nature was good. Daoism- the representative of Daoism is Zhuangzi and Laozi. They travelled around the central states to advise the rulers. Daoism believed that the only way to make the world peaceful is do nothing about the world, let things go the way they supposed to go. No large societies, no civilization, no violence, basically, do nothing and withdrawal from the world. Legalism- Representative of legalism is Han Feizi. He believed that the human nature was bad, and the only way to united the world and bring peace was by force. => modern society combine and share the solutions from those three to solve the chaotic world. Qin State ( 221-207BCE )- Shi Huangdi the very first time established an empire in the central state, the first time achieved standardization, unification and bureaucratization . The establishment of the empire was a combination of Legalism and Confucianism. And this was the first time the concept of Mandate of Heaven got generated and introduced.
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