EAS103H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Silt, Sima Zhao, Ban Biao

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30 Oct 2012

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From 256-195 bce, the first emperor of han, called emperor gao; set up his capital at. The significance of liu bang in history is that he cooperated with xiang yu and destroyed qin, afterwards they fought against each other for their own dynasty while liu bang successfully attacked xiang yu and begin the han dynasty. The emperor that had the greatest impact on chinese culture and society in han dynasty; in significance, he developed good culture and government. One thing he had done was to send armies troops into xiongnu territory in order to push the. Confucianism: emperor wu was the first han emperor to privilege confucian scholars within the government. He listened to dong zhongshu, a confucian scholar. Confucius, 551-479 b. c. e, the first and the most important thinker of ideas to influence/improve/develop rulers and form a better society in early zhou. His ideas are recorded by his disciples in the analects.

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