PHL105Y5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Descriptive Knowledge, Ontological Argument

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The answers are from my notes but i don"t really have answer for all the questions. Orange highlights: correspondence theory of truth claims that a belief is true if it asserts a proposition that corresponds to the facts. Having said that, correspondence theory is not an adequate theory of truth. The reason is, there are infinite numbers of facts in the world, and yet, there are also infinite numbers of negative facts. We cannot really know what facts we have because an event is not a fact and even an object is not a fact as well. Descartes is convinced that this is indubitable even though in meditation. Descartes basis on for this claim is, when he thinks, when he doubts, when he perceives, or to be deceived, he must exists because he can"t do any mental activity unless he exists. Descartes is now deceived in everything except for his own existence. Knowledge by acquaintance requires more than a description.

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