PSY312H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Memory Span, The Control Group, Nicaraguan Sign Language

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6 Jan 2011

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Chapter 11: language development language ability distinguishes us from all other species. What language depends on is what language is spoken around you language is influenced by---biological inheritance + unique environment. Describing children"s language development (syntax, semantics, pragmatics, phonology and morphology all develop) www. notesolution. com. 18-24 months children begin putting sentences together, short sentences or phrases eg. all gone , daddy home also able to use intonation and gestures to enhance meaning capable of understanding much more than they can express. = the language that a child can actually produce or speak. 2-5 years language developes from baby talk to more adultlike learn approx. 12 new words per day, by school age know 8000 to 14000 words and sentences increase in length and content. Mlu = mean length of utterance , can be used to see how a child has developed linguistically,( compute the average number of morphemes use by a child during a period of time)

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