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LECTURES 1. ABRAM, or later ABRAHAM, is a symbolic figure in the Hebrew Bible who becomes the PATRIARCH of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Who was ABRAHAM and why was he so important in later Judaic, Christian and Islamic traditions? AbramAbraham (ancestor of a multitude of nations) born in Mesopotamia Iraq was the Great Father, The Patriarch (first one), and the Common Father in all three traditions. He and his father, Terah, migrated to Haran. At this time he received the prophetic call from God (YhwhYahwey). Abraham and his wife Sarah (Sarai) then migrated to Canaan Palestine-Israel but famine caused Hebrews to go to Egypt. When he was 75, he returned to Canaan. Sarah was barren so she gave Hagar, slave girl, to Abraham who gave birth to Ismail. Ismail was later Patriarch for Islam. When Abraham was 99, Lord appeared to him and made a covenant, contract circumcision of all males. Once Isaac was born God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son, but once he was about to kill his son, an Angel stopped him saying now we know that you fear God, so dont put your hands on the boy. Therefore, Abraham is a symbol of Absolute Faith, and is also the first monotheist prophet. Abraham - Ismail ------------------------------------Muhammad - Isaac ---------------Moses --------------Jesus 2. ABRAHAM made a COVENENT with GOD in GENESIS. What is a COVENENT and what did it require of ABRAHAM and his people? Circumcision of all males was the covenantcontract. Sarah will bear Isaac and from then onwards all males should be circumcised. God told Abraham that Sarah will bear a son whom he must name Isaac, whereas Ismail will be blessed and given a great nation (Islam). Therefore, when Isaac was 8 days old and when Abraham was 100, Isaac was circumcised. 3. Describe the PROPHETIC EXPERIENCE of MOSES with GOD (YHWH) at Mount Sinai, as it appears in the Hebrew Bible. How does this story differ from MOSES encounter with GOD (ALLAH) in the QURAN? Moses was born to parents of the House of Levi, and was placed in a basket which was put in the reeds of the Nile River. The wife of the Pharaoh saw him and asked her maid to go get him. Therefore, Moses = drawn out, or to bear or beget (produce). The reason why Moses was put in the basket was because Pharaoh was once told that a child will rise up and kill you because Pharaoh thought he was God, and so he decided to kill every son, but keep all girls. But when his own wife picked up Moses, Pharaoh thought he wouldnt be of threat. One day Moses saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew, Moses killed Egyptian and fled to Sinai from Egypt. Thats when Pharaoh started hating Moses. One day he was at Mount Sinai, where the Angel of the Lord appeared to him in a flame of fire out of a bush, without the bush getting consumed. God asked him to remove his sandals as he was on holy ground. In fear, Moses hid his face from God. He was then told by God to go tell the Israelites about God, but when Moses hesitated, God said tell them who I am, the Wholly Other, the Mysterium Tremendum. In Hebrew Bible, God spoke to Moses
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