RLG101H5 Study Guide - Book Of Deuteronomy, Acts 9, Esus

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6 Jan 2011

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Lectures: abram, or later abraham, is a symbolic figure in the hebrew bible who becomes the patriarch of judaism, christianity and islam. Abram/abraham (ancestor of a multitude of nations) born in mesopotamia iraq was the. Great father , the patriarch (first one), and the common father in all three traditions. He and his father, terah, migrated to haran. At this time he received the prophetic call from god (yhwh/yahwey). Abraham and his wife sarah (sarai) then migrated to. Canaan palestine-israel but famine caused hebrews to go to egypt. When he was 75, he returned to canaan. Sarah was barren so she gave hagar, slave girl, to abraham who gave birth to ismail. When abraham was 99, lord appeared to him and made a covenant, contract circumcision of all males. Therefore, abraham is a symbol of absolute faith, and is also the first monotheist prophet. Isaac ---------------moses --------------jesus: abraham made a covenent with god in genesis.

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