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Part a: questions from lectures (15 points total: what are the principal characteristics of elohim, the god in genesis (chapter 1, verse 1) who created the heavens and the earth , and what are the two principle. Creation theories found in genesis 1? (5 points: elohim, in hebrew is plural; hence divine plurality; two major characteristics of elohim are: First cause: if there was a cause of god, god would not be god; hence god in the. Genesis 1:2 & 1:6 ff the hebrew word tehom (deep), which refers to the waters as deep is related etymologically to the babylonian word tiamat, the wicked female dragon that encompasses the. Marduk, the god of the wind, slays tiamat and makes the heavens and the earth from her body in language similar to genesis text, but the author of. Genesis has demythologized the babylonian myth- thus, the waters become pre-existant matter out of which elohim creates the cosmos, like a.

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