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Lecture 3 study notes

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Sarianna Metso
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September 21, 2010
Lecture 3
Loss And Hope:
The United Kingdom, Division and Destruction, and Rebuilding of the
we will discuss Israel exile
we have discussed already the Jewish traditions
it can be passed on through oral traditions, so these can be interpreted
Historical Overview
1000-922 BCE
oJudea and Israel in one kingdom
oAnd divided into three Jeroboam, Assyria, Babylon
oNorthern kingdom went to south and took their traditions
o587 Babylonian kingdom became strong
o721 587 BCE Judah was the only nation standing
587-539 BCE
Historical Framework
United Kingdom 100-922 BCE
o(saul, David, Solomon)
587-539 Exile in Babylon
when much of population of Judah was deported to captivity in
oJew was from word Judah. Only after Babylonian exile that
you can call people Jew
South is where the original worship place is
North is where the exile was so there was no temple there and they just
made their own cultures
Relative isolation between North and South
Exile: A Time of Crisis
In time of crisis there is a profound transformation
It was a time of deep introspection in which the nation asked if we
ahvekept our covenant agreement with the Babylonian God
Exile: transformation
Loss of temple and land caused shifts of emphasis in the religion of the
exilic community
oMore focus on circumcision and Sabbath
oThis is where oral traditions of writing Jewish life happened
Exile: End and Aftermath
when rejoining happened:
othere is a great joy
obut there is a clash of culture
osome of the people that were born in Babylon did not know
anything in their native land
othere was a new need for leader
oTorah interpretations happened
oPharisees, Sadducees and Essenes are effect of these leadership
oThere was fierce debates in how should a Jew live?
How to deal with legal rules?
Torah Rules VS Torah interpretation
oThis time is renewed natural feeling
oThis is a time of trial and national heroism
David is this figure of national Hero
Lam 1:1-5
oJerusalem is a girl because God and her heva relationship
where the girl have not been faithful
Jer 31
Judaism of the Second Temple Period
Period of 5th century BCE to 1st century CE
165 BCE Jewish independence
we are studying the inner developments of the
**Which dates to know**
oknow exodus 1280 BCE
oKnow Monarchy date
The split dates
oDestruction of First temple - 587 BCE:
oDestruction of 70 CE destruction of second temple
Hellenistic Age in Judea
The culture brought by the Greeks because of conquering brought
change to Jewish communities
oDifferences: Greek is polytheistic
oGreek God could be wrong and humans are more right than God
oDifferent roots of administration
oGreek is famous for PHILOSOPHY
oPhilosophers has radically different thinking than Jews
oFor Jews: Abrahams thinking is all
oFor Greek: Philosophy is their thinking
oGreek vs Pious Jews
oGreek: Sports (naked): difference between a circumcised Jew and
non Jewish,
oThis lead to..
Maccabean Revolt (168-163 BCE)
revolution because its two clashing cultures
peasant guerillas
statue of Zeus was put in temple of Jerusalem
ooffended Jews
Daniel has probably written around this time
Daniel spoke metaphorically, he was like Shakespeare
Pharisees, Sadducees and essenes was famous at these time
oThey were telling people how Jews should live
Written law: Torah
Oral Law: Interpretation of Torah
oIts the legislation and we know now as rabbinic literature
oRabbinic writings
Be careful to Torah obedience
They observe purity laws
oConcentrate on spirtual purity
oHow liquids are handled
oConsummation of meat and milk
oReligious offerings
They are in rural
Different ideas in Jewish way of life
Difference with Pharisees
oOnly the Torah/written law is to be binded
oDifferent theological idea
oRationalistic outlook