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Sarianna Metso

September 21, 2010 Lecture 3 Loss And Hope: The United Kingdom, Division and Destruction, and Rebuilding of the Temple we will discuss Israel exile we have discussed already the Jewish traditions it can be passed on through oral traditions, so these can be interpreted Historical Overview 1000-922 BCE o Judea and Israel in one kingdom o And divided into three Jeroboam, Assyria, Babylon o Northern kingdom went to south and took their traditions o 587 Babylonian kingdom became strong o 721 587 BCE Judah was the only nation standing 587-539 BCE Historical Framework United Kingdom 100-922 BCE o (saul, David, Solomon) 587-539 Exile in Babylon Exile when much of population of Judah was deported to captivity in Babylon o Jew was from word Judah. Only after Babylonian exile that you can call people Jew South is where the original worship place is North is where the exile was so there was no temple there and they just made their own cultures Relative isolation between North and South Exile: A Time of Crisis In time of crisis there is a profound transformation It was a time of deep introspection in which the nation asked if we ahvekept our covenant agreement with the Babylonian God Exile: transformation Loss of temple and land caused shifts of emphasis in the religion of the exilic community www.notesolution.com
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