RLG332H5 Study Guide - Final Guide: Agent Smith, Software Industry, Blue Mass

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11 Aug 2016
Notes on the Matrix July 6, 2016
She did a spinning kick flip and has essentially diety like abilities
oThis could be related to the dream world stuff that we were originally discussing in the
oBut when you die in the matrix you die in real life (not like how a dream would work)
Think about the telephone. The telephone acts as an escape from this world
Follow the white rabbit could be somewhat related to a heavenly world
oHe followed the white rabbit into the club and meets trinity
o“looking for an answer and a question that drives you” whats the question “what is the
matrix?” or what is the world really?
“my own personal jesus”
Neo has a problem with authority and so he has to choose to be on time or find another job
oHe’s apart of the top software company and decides to leave like how sidartha leaves
his own responsibilities
Theres a squeegee guys
Theres a scaffold that he opens and starts to question himself and why he’s doing what he’s
doing and trusting someone he knows nothing about
oHe doubts himself of the letting go aspect
Thomas A Anderson
oSomeone who pays taxes, works at a good software company and helps the landlady
oHe’s a top hacker and lives in the computer
“one will end in failure while the other will live in awesomeness”
Morpheus is known “as the most dangerous man alive”
oHe’s known as a terrorist
Give you the finger and he gets phone call
His mouth gets shut and something weird enters his belly button
oThe naval is known as the center of your body and when it enters it represents the sin
and resentment entering in him?
“you may have spent the last few years looking for me, but I have spent my entire life looking
for you”
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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