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How to right the essay for the final test and whats on it

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Barry Green

SOC100H5 Writing an Essay Test 1) Essay tests are NOT essays in the traditional sense of the word. They are simply longer written prose responses to questions that require longer answers. So, you do NOT need a thesis, an introduction or conclusion. 2) What you DO need to do is ANSWER THE QUESTION and often, there is more than one question in what is asked. This may seem obvious, but trust me, the most common mistake made is that responses do NOT answer the question that was asked. Let me explain why. a) You dont read the question carefully and start writing before you really understand what it is asking of you. b) You are not taking the time to THINK and you start writing before you collect your thoughts. 3) Let me recommend what to do in order to answer an essay question as well as possible. a) Read each question slowly and carefully. SLOW DOWN. Everyone at the start of a test is going TOO fast. By that I mean we all tend to be spinning our wheels without getting anywhere. To actually get somewhere in your thinking
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