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Suzanne Casimiro

• social inequality: wealth not spread evenly, some are extremely rich vs. some extremely poor people Low-income • includes 57 nations countries • low standard of living where most people are poor • wealth not spread evenly^ • United Nation’s Human Development Index (HDI): determines quality of life based on income, life expectancy, literacy rates and school enrolment • Comparisons made between Canada and other nations due to four main reasons: Where we live shapes the lives we • to understand ourselves and lead appreciate how others live, we must understand something about how countries differ Societies throughout the world are • due to tech., people are more increasingly interconnected connected and aware of each other’s cultures ( ex. Share tastes in food, clothing and music) • U.S. influences their way of life on other countries • Trading has created global economy • Many Canadian jobs involve international trade, gaining greater global understanding has become crucial Many social problems that we face • Poverty in Canada vs. Poverty in Africa or Asia in Canada are far more serious elsewhere • Gender Inequality in Canada vs.
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