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Changes in immigration policy and its impact on the family: aboriginal families & colonialism: (indian act 1876, residential schools, sixties scoop, sexual sterilization) The family fulfills important roles: protect and nourish child, pass on language which provides a code for making sense and understanding the world, teaches ways of behaving. Instills values & sense of what is important and what is worth fighting or protecting. The hunter gatherers moved from location to location. The women of the 6 nations had a substantial amount of power. The europeans however imposed their laws and values on the native families. Enforced to take on a nuclear family and patrilineal family. Forced to take on aspects of family forms that were not inherent to them. As a consequence of colonialism the europeans brought diseases: tuberculosis, small pox. The europeans also introduced alcohol to the aboriginals which in turn destroyed the. Effects of colonialism : the indian act 1876.

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