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14 Apr 2012

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LGBTQ Families
Article from the Toronto Star
Late blooming lesbians find different kind of partnership
Sexual fluidity by lisa diamond
o Spontaneous shifts in sexuality can and do occur
o Debanks the notion that sexual orientation is necessarily stable and consistent thing
Contemporary attitude towards same sex marriages
Homophobia is persistent and lingering
Not until 1969 in the criminal code of Canada had it been no longer considered criminal for
private acts between consenting adults
C.c.c reformed so consensual homosexual sex in private between two adults over 21
In 2005 canada is the 4th country to legalize same sex marriages
Lesbians and gays however are not a single unified group
Today there seems to be an underlying agenda to prescribe specific gender roles
Louis Althusser social apparatus social instituitions that reflect and maintain particular power
arrangements and are enmeshed in our cultural legal and economic systems and structures
Ontario had the largest number of same sex partners according to 2001 consensus
What research reveals on children in gay and lesbian families
Based on American psychological literature
o Parenting skills essentially the same
o Lesbian mothers are psychologically healthy as their heterosexual counterparts
o No significant difference
o Gay fathers are caring, loving, capable, and committed parents
o Gay fathers found to be more astute to childrens needs more nurturant in providing
caregiving and less traditional than heterosexual fathers
o Children who grow up in gay and lesbian families are respectful and tolerant
Issues in Parenting:
o External conditions: fear that their child will be discriminated on homophobic and trans phobic
o Parental decisions on disclosing their identity
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