SOC244H5 Study Guide - Marxist Feminism, Feminist Theory, Mary Wollstonecraft

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22 Nov 2012

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Lecture 2 - soc244 - - sept 13 2011. Find something more focused for assignment - eg. rise of multi generational households, impact of divorce. Be reflective, common themes, and give some questions that were not fully answered. Title page, name, id number, date of submission. If they"re long articles, photocopy first five- six pages. Structural functionalists: mother is emotional and expressive and father is breadwinner. Symbolic interactions - is individual experiences within the family and how individuals experience impact how they interact with each other - individual interpretation. used to understand the dimensions of marriages etc. The enlightenment is characterized by a period of reason, knowledge , science - self actualization- fulfilling yourself all that you can be in the course of your life - women took an active part in the course of enlightenment. Central theme in enlightenment- human progress- to promote equality - for others oppressed peoples and for themselves.