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12 Apr 2012

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WGS Study Notes 3/29/2012 9:56:00 AM
Coy Female
o The coy female is the idea that women are much more
selective than men when choosing their mate. They try to find
the ideal suitor and try to save themselves for that person
while men have sex with as many females as they can. The
coy female allows men to pursuit them and make the first
move. Females are seen as sexually passive, reluctant to
mate, fertilization is seen as the only reason to mate,
assumes male gains by mating more, strongly selection
pressure on the male, incorrect assumption that selection is
left up to males, normalized idea that women are coy, and
males are sexually promiscuous, no sexual diversity is
involved. This supports and backs up the idea of the pro-natal
model. Also an outcome of gender policing.
o When we look at women in families, we attempt to
understand their roles and how they came about. In the case
of the coy female, it is a result of how women are gender
policed into the idea that their primary duty to have sex for
the purpose of child bearing and then continue to care for the
children and the domestic work of the household.
o It looks at how females are sexually regulated, that they are
to appear put together, feminine and well behaved. If they
dress inappropriately they are seen as sluts, while men can
sleep around with many women and are not seen as sluts. It
is normalized that men can be promiscuous but women
o This is where we see gender dimorphic. Men and women are
not alike, they are seen as complete opposites, while men
have more social rights than women do.
o This is evident in the film The Purity Myth. Purity balls are
held for young girls to ensure their virginity until they are
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married and are given to their father until they find their best
suitor in which they marry they can finally have sex. T
o The Pursuit of Teen Girl Purity, they focus on the idea that
girls are the ones they need to ensure are not having pre-
martial sex and are sexually regulated not to have sex or take
part in sex unless married. They are not even allowed to date
unless it is for the sole purpose to find a husband. It is policed
that girls do not date for the fun of it.
o The interbreeding of people of different racial types, also
known as racial mixing. In the United States, laws against
miscegenation were upheld until the 60’s. Based on the
reproductive rights of women. Eurocentric ideals, therefore
black women lost rights to child bearing - Norplant
o The white family is seen as the ideal family in North America,
therefore there is a lot of racism towards minorities especially
African American families, and therefore these women were
not allowed to have children. Today it is becoming more
normalized to have interracial families. The idea of
miscegenation allows us to have the “perfect” person no
racism as they are a mix of all races. Anyone that was not
eugenically fit was sterilized.
o The making of Race, Sex, and Empire as well as Race Culture,
Recent Perspectives on the History of Eugenics. Eugenics, try
to reproduce children with specific traits. Is evident more than
ever with technology, parents can now choose what traits
they want when trying to conceive a child through science. If
we were all to be mixed, there would be no racism and would
support equality. All women would have equal reproductive
rights. Try to civilize the savage races. Tried to make a better
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o A midwife is someone who is trained to assist women in
childbirth. They offer care to women before and after birth.
They are similar to doctors but offer more personalized care
and are aware of religious needs.
o Midwives recognize that women’s health care has been
subordinated to men’s care by a historically male, physician-
dominated medical industry. Midwifery values woman-
centered care and puts mothers’ needs first. With a doctor,
you are more of a business deal, where as women are more
cared for and shown more respect with a midwife as they
develop a stronger relationship with you.
o Exorcising the midwives, in a predominately patriarchal
society, men were threatened by the idea of midwives
assisting with birth. Midwives were taking away from doctors,
so they decided to ban midwives. Midwives were shown to be
only good for lower class citizens while, upper class would see
a doctor. CBC news recently wrote an article that states that
there is a shortage of midwives and more women are wanting
their assistance. The use of midwives and birthing centre’s
are becoming increasingly popular due to their personalized
o Based on Darwinian ideas of selecting the most superior races
to reproduce while discouraging or eliminating those races
believed to be inferior. The science of improving a human
population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence
of desirable heritable characteristics. Developed largely by
Francis Galton as a method of improving the human race, it
fell into disfavor only after the perversion of its doctrines by
the Nazis
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