ANTA01H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Evolutionary Anthropology, Molecular Anthropology, Medical Anthropology

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17 Oct 2017

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Anthropology is a four field discipline: sociocultural, linguistic, archeology, evolutionary anthropology. Evolutionary theory: biblical creationism, key players of evolutionary thought, darwin and natural selection. Forms of communication rather than formalized records: global: stretches to all societies, sociocultural: all aspects of human behaviour. Culture: all aspects of human adaptation - technology, language, religion, or social roles. Culture is a set of learned behaviours, passed through generation by learning. Not genetic means: main aspect of people living today. Archeological record: material remains of the human past and the physical context of these remains. Prehistoric archeology: study of material culture that predates the first written record. Historical archelogy: study of material culture of people who have left written evidence. Public archelogy: contract based (crm) and collaboration with communities. Bioarcheology: study of human and animal remains in archeological context. What humans ate, relations with animals, etc: evolutionary anthropology: Human evolution: paleoa(cid:374)thropology: study of human fossils and their closest relatives.