ANTA02H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Collective Unconscious, Fetus, Monogenetic Volcanic Field

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Sociologists rely on data, questionnaires and archives, anthropologists do their research through fieldwork, first hand knowledge. It is a rite of passage" until a person does its fieldwork. Ethnography- the fieldwork that is written, through first-hand experience and adventures. Portray a native"s culture through a native"s point of view, the more detailed and more compelling the information is, the more valid and reliable the information is. More recent anthropology was in the victorian era. H ierarchy of civilization- all cultures evolved from magical thinking", to religious thinking" to scientific rational thought". Armchair anthropology- anthropology done in a distance from the field of study, did not really participate in village civilization, work with missionaries and colleagues. On the verandah- malinowski did not really interact with the natives, was an observant, due to the british war, he was compelled to become one of them", stayed there for two years. Participant observation- participating in an activity and then write about it later on.

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