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9 Apr 2011

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Lecture Ten: Wrap Up April 5, 2011
What can we do as Anthropologists
Solving three kinds of 'problems'
oBehaviour: Ethnography; what do they do
oConcepts: Analysis; what does it mean
oCulture: Theory ; why do they do it
Clinical research
Business, citizenship, Immigration, Social planning, etc. research
Practical applications of ethnography
Public Anthropology
Anthropology for a broader audience
Article on Katrina as an example of Public Anthropology
Used this specific event to understand the political/social/economic structures
of America
oMultiple 'disasters'
oLevies broke, flooding the poorest neighborhoods, couldn't get out/lost
oExplanations for why these individuals didn't leave were that they
'were stupid' etc. not the structural inequalities
oLooking at where blame was placed: not on perpetrators but victims in
this case
oPeople who were most likely to experience damage were the most
likely to be unable to rebuild or escape
Katrina and the collective unconscious
oWill to see a dark threat in New Orleans
The "other America"
oAmerica of middle class/maintream/American dream
oAmerica of the poor/disenfranchised/the 'have-nots'
oSlippage in media: for a while people spoke about the 'refugees' from
New Orleans - as if they are fleeing from another country and enter into an
area in which they are not citizens
Human rights/Civil rights in New Orleans
Katrina an public anthropology
Anthropology and social networking
Theory about personhood that is distinct in Melanesia: being a dividual not
an individual
In NA, a person is a person by virtue of their individuality; in Melanesia,
people aren't individuals but that personhood is reliant on a person being able to
be 'divided up' and accumulating parts through relationships and social
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